OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH - Overview

Novel therapeutic strategy

OMEICOS Therapeutics’ strategy is based on designing and developing stable, synthetic analogs of highly bioactive natural metabolites of omega-3 fatty acids, called epoxyeicosanoids. 

The naturally occurring, but metabolically unstable epoxyeicosanoids have the ability to activate anti-inflammatory, anti-arrhythmic and cardioprotective pathways in cells, making them an attractive target for therapies directed towards a number of diseases including cardiovascular diseases, bronchial disorders, fatty liver disease and multiple eye disorders. 

Using our extensive knowledge about the biology and chemistry of epoxyeicosanoids, we have developed a series of metabolically robust, synthetic analogs that can mimic the positive effects of the natural molecules. Our first-in-class small molecules have the advantage of being orally available and have shown significantly improved biological activity and pharmacokinetic properties compared to their natural counterparts.

OMEICOS was founded as a spin-off from the Max-Delbrück-Center in Berlin. Our technology is based on ground breaking scientific results in the field of omega-3 fatty acid metabolism and physiology obtained by the companies’ founders, Drs. Wolf-Hagen Schunck, John. R. Falck, Dominik Müller and Robert Fischer.